Safe workplaces, engaging community spaces using best in class technology solutions

Social Distancing, Contact Tracing and Real Time Location System.

Our versatile and scalable solution can be easily configured to suite any industry of any size. This technology will provide all employees, visitors, customers, and contractors confidence that your business has an intelligence led continuity plan.

Your single source of truth for real time building occupancy and space utilisation. Make informed decisions with accurate and reliable data using a range of advanced sensors from desks to  rooms to zones.

Occupancy monitoring is now critical. Make sure your visitors and staff have the space they need to feel safe and you are complying with government density limit regulations through simple to install real-time people counting technology.

Protect your personal breathing space

The Sanitouch two-step system for payment terminals provides greater protection in high-touch environments allowing consumers to interact with confidence.

Reduce labour intensive and potentially ineffective manual cleaning and spread of bacteria, germs and viruses including COVID 19 on all high touch surfaces such as hand rails, door handles, touch screens and desks using internationally proven High Touch Copper Nanoshield surface protectant film.

Know who is in your building, where they are and how long they have been onsite, essential for emergency evacuation and COVID contact tracing.

Contactless Laptop loaning lockers with UVC self-cleaning towers providing accessibility and empowering community learning