Contact tracing technology solutions to keep your workplace COVIDSafe

Contact Tracing and Social Distancing in your workplace

Reduce the impact on your business from a COVID event with technology driven workplace contact tracing – provides constant social distancing alerts for staff within the workplace and real time contact tracing data so you can quickly establish, and advise authorities, who may have been close contacts and importantly which staff are not close contacts, enabling you to minimise the potential disruption to your business.

Social distancing and contact tracing solutions can be deployed in following combinations:

Social Distancing

Contact Tracing

Real Time Location System (RTLS)

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) provides the most accurate technology for use in contact tracing. Its high levels of accuracy in tag-to-tag distance measurements or alternatively its abilities to locate tag position within indoor and outdoor spaces makes it the ideal technology for use in detecting and timing contact events.

System Components and Options

High Level Accuracy and Cost Effective

Asset Tag


Reporting Software

Suitable for all Industries



Food Production

Councils, Libraries & Offices





Scalable from Social Distancing, Contact Tracing through to RTLS

Option 1

Social Distancing

Asset Tags are configured based on social distancing limits. Tags can beep or flash when other tags are too close.

Option 2

Social Distancing + Contact Tracing

Tags store all proximity events and wirelessly offload them to a gateway when in range. All events can be sent to the Cloud for Contact Tracing analysis.

Option 3

Social Distancing + Contact Tracing + Location

Using a network of gateways deployed across a facility, the locations of all tags are tracked in real-time to an accuracy of +/- 10cm.