Accurate People Counting for your library entries

Coupled with advanced cloud reporting tool our people counting sensors gives detailed insights into your library’s live and historical foot traffic.

The perfect solution for library foot traffic monitoring


Regardless as to whether you have security gates installed at your library our people counting solution features highly accurate people counting technology to ensure accuracy in your visitation reports. Our people counting solution is capable of counting and reporting on adult and child visitation separately and also has inbuilt advanced staff detection features. 

The cloud based reporting tool offers intelligent insights into library visitation and occupancy across all branches as well as live updates on occupancy levels and limits ensuring compliance with government guidelines for COVID 19. 

The advanced sensors are capable of detecting queue length and patron wait times to further enhance and compliment your customer service.  

Take people counting to the next level with Intelligent RFID Solutions and discuss your requirements with us.

Vector 4D Sensor

Highly Accurate Infrared Sensor

Intelligent RFID Solutions partners with the world leading people counter sensor supplier Irisys.

Irisys’ Vector 4D people counting sensors offer count accuracy above 99% and are accredited under ISO:9001 standards.

Our sensors use Infrared detection and Time of Flight technology to accurately count adults and children. The sensors are completely anonymous and work in any light condition.

Optional staff lanyards allow library staff to be counted separately or excluded from occupancy limits.


High Accuracy

Person detection accuracy in excess of 99%. Unaffected by darkness, bright sunshine.

Staff Detection

Improve the accuracy of your data by removing staff from counts.

Privacy Protection

Privacy of customers and staff protected as neither are personally identifiable.

Children Detection

Count children and adults based on accurate height measurements.

IRS Advanced Cloud Reporting

Powerful and Secure Cloud Reporting Tool

Advanced People Counters are only useful with easy to navigate reporting tool. We have developed our own cloud based reporting and analytic tool – IRS Count. 

Information from sensors is automatically stored on our Australian based server. It can be securely accessed over the internet and reports can be created on demand or scheduled to run automatically.

Live count

IRS Count data is updated around the clock and can show the live occupancy count for any monitored space.

Threshold Warning

Instantaneous warnings are sent to specific users if the number of visitor exceed a pre-set density limit.

Advanced Analytics

IRS Count can produce a number of in-depth analytical reports based on locations, time or day using both live and historic data.

Australian Server

IRS Count uses an Australian server to store information. This ensures data security and high latency speeds.