People counting & True Occupancy sensors

Our people counting sensors give our customers unprecedented insight into their business enabling them to improve service, operational efficiency and profitability.


Real time occupancy monitoring sensors

Protect the safety of everyone in your building and enable social distancing with our SafeCount occupancy monitoring solutions utilising our people counting sensors.

True Occupancy

Occupancy analytics platform for smart buildings

Optimise your workplace by understanding building utilisation and knowing how it is really used through people counting sensors.

Cloud Reporting

Powerful and Secure Cloud Reporting Tool

Access to advanced analytics and reports from our Australian based server which connects directly with our people counting sensors.

Our People Counter Sensor Partner

Intelligent RFID Solutions partners with the world leading people counter sensor supplier Irisys.

Irisys’ people counting sensors offer count accuracy above 99% and accredited under ISO:9001 standards.


Irisys Vector 4D infrared sensor

  • Installation heights between 2.1m and 4.5m
  • Advanced staff detection, dwell time measuring and the ability to connect multiple units to cover wide entries

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