Real-time queue monitoring

Driving customer service optimisation

Intelligent RFID Solutions’ queue management system can be used to quantify queue demand at any given time and inform customer service staff in real-time.

People counting sensors placed above each designated customer service desk counts the number of customers being served, the number of customers waiting and measures how long they have been waiting in line.

Intelligence led analytics can be used to raise alerts at predetermined queue levels and data can be combined with real-time people footfall data to generate predicted queue volumes.

This information allows businesses to react to customer demand quickly, keeping customer waiting times to a minimum and increase customer service satisfaction.


Efficient use of staff

Drive customer service improvement

Minimise wait times

Higher customer satisfaction

Vector 4D People Counting Sensor

Highly Accurate Infrared Sensor

Intelligent RFID Solutions partners with the world leading people counter sensor supplier Irisys.

Irisys’ Vector 4D people counting sensors offer count accuracy above 99% and are accredited under ISO:9001 standards.

Our sensors use Infrared detection and Time of Flight technology to accurately count adults and children. The sensors are completely anonymous and work in any light condition.

Optional staff lanyards allow library staff to be counted separately or excluded from occupancy limits.


High Accuracy

Person detection accuracy in excess of 99%. Unaffected by darkness, bright sunshine.

Staff Detection

Improve the accuracy of your data by removing staff from counts.

Privacy Protection

Privacy of customers and staff protected as neither are personally identifiable.

Children Detection

Count children and adults based on accurate height measurements.