Make your laptop devices available 24/7

With the adoption of digital learning there is a need to ensure that digital content is accessible. LapSafe’s Self-Service Locker solution can help facilitate laptop or tablet loaning by providing a flexible learning environment with access to technology in real time.

LMS Integration

Devices can be automatically loaned with Library Management System integration


Choose your colours and customise the User Interface to compliment your brand

ID Options

Identify users with either MiFare, Barcode, Magnetic Stripe & Biometric


Remotely monitor and report device availability and status of your lockers

Borrowing A Device

How It Works

Borrowers can loan a device such as a Laptop, Chromebook or tablet at anytime via our clear touch screen interface.

This allows users access to fully charged devices on demand without staff interaction and with no fuss.

Best Charged Device

Always deploys the device with the most charge

Borrow Options

User can choose up to three different device types or a BYOD locker


Ability to print hard copy or email receipt of last transaction


Clear 19” touch screen with customisable user interface

LMS Integration

Use Your Existing Library Management System

The Diplomat™ Self-Service solution can be fully integrated with your LMS using SIP2*. Devices and/or lockers are set-up as assets, just like a book.

With full SIP2 communications we authenticate borrowers, check-out and check-in transactions with the LMS ensuring full control and status of the current loans and returns.

*SIP2 licences may be required, please contact your LMS provider
Deplomat UVC
Keep Your Users Safe with UV-C Sanitising Unit

Santise Your Devices After Use

Our semi-automated UV-C sanitising unit will sanitise your laptop or tablet in around 15-20 seconds. 99% of bacteria and some viruses* are inactivated when exposed to high-intensity UV-C light. Fitted with Phillips UV-C bulbs, you can have confidence that Diplomat™ UV-C can help in your protection strategy.

*In laboratory testing, our UV-C light sources inactivated 99% of SARS-CoV-2 virus on a surface with an exposure time of 6 seconds. Source

Colour Options

To Compliment Your Interior

Choose a colour combination to match your building interior and/or branding.

Case Study for TAFE South Australia


At the time TAFE SA had a total 96 laptops and were looking for a solution to loan devices to students on a short-term basis (up to four hours at a time).

After the research, Nick Stott, Manager of Technology Services chose LapSafe Diplomat System. TAFE S installed a larger system (72 devices) in the middle of their classrooms, complimented by a smaller system (24 device) for their design and engineering students containing devices with a different software offering.

"One of the key objectives was to provide a flexible learning environment with accessible technology"

  • Library Management System Integration
    • TAFE SA’s existing Library Management System, Civica Spydus, is used to track borrowing for all our students with their student ID cards.
  • Positive Feedback
    • The automated service has been very successful, and TAFA SA have around 72 devices loaned out daily. TAFE staff are appreciative of how accessible laptops have become for the students.