Shelf-Reading Aurora Robot

Solving everyday shelf-reading challenges in the library using autonomous robotic technology

Meet Aurora your portable library assistant

inventory robot in library

Misplaced or mis-sequenced items shelved within the library can cause problems for both patrons and staff. With the shelf-reading Aurora Robot’s ability to accurately scan the entire collection everyday or as often as required, libraries can now create an environment where patrons and staff find the right item in the correct place each and every time.



Precise and accurate RFID Scanning

Accuracy up to 99.5%

Auroras patented Sensor Fusion Network enables the robot to navigate all kinds of shelves at close proximity allowing for an industry leading high RFID read rate accuracy. Fully customisable RFID detection depending on the requirements of the library, Aurora can be fitted to read HF or UHF RFID tags.

Autonomous Navigation and Obstacle Detection

Sensors & Radars

Aurora is equipped with the latest avoidance technology to safely and autonomously navigate the library even allowing it to independently move its way around obstacles to complete its tasks. The patented surface-following algorithm gives Aurora the unique capability of following shelves of all shapes including curved shelves using the inbuilt sensors and radars. 

Aurora Robot Software

Producing real-time analysis and data

Data collection made easy

The simple to use Senserbot Robot Management System (SRMS) is accessible from any web browser. Designed with the library user in mind the dashboard provides an interactive view of the library shelving highlighting areas where items are mis-shelved or need library staff’s attention.

Library staff are able to digitally explore the library’s assets floor-by-floor and shelf-by-shelf using the inbuilt interactive map. SRMS provides a concise summary of all scanned items highlighting items that require further attention.