Company Vision

Our Vision is to be the most trusted and valued partner to our customers delivering world class-leading edge technology solutions that improves client engagement and service delivery. Our technology will continue to help keep communities safe and empower the spirit of engagement and interaction


Our team has over 40 years of professional RFID experience in the library, government and medical industries with expertise in Technical Design, Workflow Automation, Future planning, and Project Management.


Veronica Steinicke

Chief Executive Officer

Veronica is passionate about helping customer focussed organisations enhance their service offering through technology.

With over 20 years’  experience  providing solutions to customers Veronica enjoys and values her many long term customer relationships.

She now proudly  leads Intelligent RFID Solutions as the Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Chris Stuart-Andrews

Chief Technical Officer

Chris holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering as well as over 16  years of experience with RFID technology and  designing and delivering complex Automated Material Handling Systems.  He is an expert in the RFID Technology Field and works collaboratively with Architects, Builders, IT departments and  customer facing staff to ensure the very best project outcome  for all customers.

Chris has worked extensively in hospitals including within respiratory, sleep medicine and anaesthetic departments. Chris has been an invited speaker at multiple international and national  conferences and has published 50+ medical research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals.

As the Chief Technology Officer Chris is keen to bring new technology and cutting edge solutions to the markets we serve.


Kei Shibahara​

Chief Financial Officer

Following the completion of his Master of Professional Accounting at Monash University, Kei started his accounting career in a public accounting practice. In 2018, Kei was appointed as a director of a world leading RFID technology company and was responsible for the Australian and New Zealand financials.

Our Office

We are in Melbourne Australia.

11A/2A Westall Road, Clayton VIC

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