inventory robot in library

Join our webinar to meet Aurora your new Shelf-Reading Library Assistant Robot

21 December 2021 1.30pm - 2.30pm AEDT


Are you still managing your library inventory manually? Automate shelf reading and stock taking processes with world leading robotic technology.

Together with our partner Senserbot learn how the National Library Board of Singapore have benefited with the introduction of Aurora the Shelf-Reading Inventory Robot across their branch network and how this technology has helped patrons and library staff.

Please join us to learn how the Aurora robot can transform your library

  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Remove pain points from library operational tasks
  • Report with confidence and accuracy on misplaced items on shelves
  • Increase the speed with which reservations are filled for your patrons
  • Automatic and consistent shelf-reading of library inventory to reduce the chance of lost or missing items
  • Free staff from the onerous task of manual shelf-reading to allow librarians more time to interact with their patrons and focus on community activities and events

Register by the 17th December 2021

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