People Counting Library Top

14 Oct 2022 - Melbourne

Discover why libraries are using overhead people counting technologies in todays modern library for real time occupancy and visitation

Through accurate and accessible people counting data, libraries have a more reliable understanding of their footfall on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This information assists the library to understand the success of events, groups, new initiatives and their impact on library occupancy and visitation.
With an accuracy of over 99.5% customers are assured of reliable data:
  • Separate counting of both adults and children
  • Completely anonymous and works in any light condition
  • Sensors are installed discreetly with limited impact on day-to-day library operations
  • An option to exclude library staff from statistics by wearing customised lanyards
IRS Count Dashboard
Cloud-based Reporting dashboard allows library staff to easily identify trends, filter data by branches, and improve decision making:
  • Real time live counts
  • Occupancy and visitation threshold warning via SMS and email
  • Comparison of footfall data trends over time
  • Microsoft Single Sign-on

City of Cockburn Case Study

Learn how through implementation of people counting technologies the Cockburn Libraries have successfully removed manual paper processes and inaccuracy from their visitor statistics.
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