Modern Expandable & Affordable

An Automated Material Handling and Sorting solution eliminates the need for manual handling offering an accurate, efficient and cost-effective approach for faster, easier movement of items throughout your library.

Versatile Modular Sorting System


Our sorter’s modular design allows the flow of items to be totally customised to the needs of the library and maximise use of the available space. It starts with a one bin check-in unit and is expandable to a multi-floor system with robotics. 

The look and feel of the sorter is fully customisable allowing the very best experience for patrons when returning items.

Vertical and horizontal conveyors allow you to reimagine item transportation within your library to maximise the efficient processing of returns and the reshelving of items with minimal handling. This can be achieved through a variety of sort destinations including stacking carts, automatic bins, cobot robotic arms and mobile robotic trollies automatically transporting incoming and outgoing tote boxes to any location within the library.

How can library automation revolutionise your returns processes? Please contact our experienced consulting team to find out more. 


Customer Facing Induction

RFID & Barcode

22 inch Touch Screen

Intuitive User Interface

Print or email receipts

External Patron Induction

  • Designed to be used as an externally facing secure, IP54 rated standalone book return or integrated with a sorting system solution.

Indoor Patron Induction

  • Uniquely designed for indoor use as a standalone book return or integrated with a sorting system solution.
  • Fully customisable to suite your library environment
  • Ideal for replacing older sorter systems that already have a wall cut in place or for libraries that have requirements in terms of the look, position and configuration of the induction point.

Staff Induction

  • Ergonomically designed with height adjustability to assist library staff 
  • Designed to be operated by library staff to process library items for check-in, sorting and transportation
  • Perfect for returning library items from other branches or through book drops 

Modules & Conveyors

Sorting Module

  • Fast and efficient sorting with a capacity of 2,900 items per hour
  • Sorting of items to both sides
  • Open design and small form factor to fit in any library


  • Horizontal
  • Vertical lift transportation allowing movement of items between floors


  • Integrated robotic arm which stacks shelves directly from the sorter

Mobile robots

  • Automatically transports incoming and outgoing tote boxes to any location within the library

Turn tables & Stacking carts

  • Automatic turn tables orient books correctly so that when these are sorted onto a stacking cart all items are positioned spine upwards
  • Stacking carts allow easy transportation of returned items to the shelves without adding additional touch points
  • Stacking carts are battery powered and transition automatically from vertical to horizontal orientation

Self Levelling and Spring Loaded Bins

  • Self-levelling and spring loaded bin options allow an even filling of sorted items 
  • Large castor wheels make moving bins easy without additional manual handling efforts

Tote box stacking module

  • Minimise manual handling by automatically stacking and moving full boxes ready for collection
  • The automatic module allows three tote boxes for branch run items to be filled and then transported using a robot to their collection point