Hublet - Sharing the Digital World

Hublet is an innovation that enables easy digital services for everyone. It is a convenient way of providing patients and residents in healthcare facilities and patrons in libraries with useful information and entertainment.

Self service tablet loaning solution

Providing customised digital experience while improving communication and freeing up staff time

Customised Experience

All devices and content can be controlled seamlessly via the cloud-based Hublet Manager software.

Cost Effective

The Hublet Solution is fully comprehensive and requires no additional services or IT management.

Data Privacy

All user data and history is automatically erased once Hublet Tablets are returned to the Hublet Smart Docking Station.


The Hublet Tablets can be locked for use in pre-defined networks only. User identification can be applied as needed.


Hublet Tablets

Customised experience for tablet users

  • Customised and controlled user interface with pre-defined applications, files, e-materials and weblink.
  • End users are not able to install applications or change any critical settings.
  • Automatically updated only when they are docked – no additional interaction is required.
  • Work within pre-defined networks only.
  • Samsung Android Tablets with ergonomic and protective security covers.
  • Provided with Fotonit photocatalytic self-disinfecting coating to comply with the latest hygiene standards.

Hublet Smart Docking Station

Self service station designed for Hublet tablets

  • Keeps Hublet Tablets locked, organised and secured in one place.
  • User data is automatically wiped when the Hublet Tablets are returned to Hublet Smart Docking Station.
  • Automatically charges the tablet battery and ensures that the Hublet Tablet with the most charged battery is provided for the next user.
  • Barcode, RFID or magnetic stripe reader for borrower self-service authentication.
  • Easy-to-use touch screen with language and profile selection.
  • Connects either to LAN or WiFi network.
  • Available with a stand-alone or wall-mounted bracket.

Hublet Manager

Management software for Hublet hardware

  • Easy-to-use user interface for remote management of content, settings, users and devices.
  • Systems diagnostics (for Hublet Smart Docking Stations and individual Hublet Tablets).
  • Statistics & reporting.
  • Creates different user profiles.
  • Creates Hublet PINs for tablet borrowing in multiple usage scenarios, with content linked to different user profiles.
  • Possibility to integrate with organisations management systems.

Fotonit Photocatalytic Coating

The Hublet Solution provides a safer end-user experience thanks to the Fotonit photocatalytic self-disinfecting coating method, which keeps the touched user interaction surfaces of Hublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Station bacteria and virus free. 

Hublet Solution for Health and Libraries

Improving the patient welfare and making everyday life easier for the staff

  • Hublet Tablets are great for caretaking services, useful as tools for memory activation and rehabilitation.
  • It can be used for entertainment, educational and therapeutic purposes.
  • Enables patients of different abilities to do more in a variety of ways, such as accessing childhood memories, viewing photos, listening to music, drawing, and reading  magazines or newspapers.
  • Customised content for medical staff and patients.

Easy and convenient for both library patrons and staff

  • Loan a tablet as easily as a book, without any staff intervention.
  • Replace public PCs with a more cost efficient and modern solution.
  • A convenient way for patrons to become familiar with digital services.
  • A platform for providing library e-materials.
  • Offer user-targeted information and content for different groups within your community.
  • A tool for collecting feedback and data.
  • A staff tool for operating the library management system.
  • A secure and automated solution, that can be used in open libraries.