Improve your patient and resident's welfare and make everyday life easier for your staff

Hublet Self Service Tablet Loaning Solution

With our Hublet Solution, we offer self-service tablet loaning device, helping aged care facilities to save valuable staff time whilst enhancing resident’s digital experience.

  1. Hublet Tablets provide a customised digital experience.
  2. A smart docking station keeps Hublet tablets secure, charged and automatically wipes data when returned.
  3. The Hublet Manager software remotely manages the tablet contents, monitors Hublet hardware and provides comprehensive usage.
  4. A protective Fotonit photocatalytic self-disinfecting coating keeps all surfaces of the Hublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Station bacteria and virus free.
Hublet Features

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Benefits for your residents and staff

  • The solution enables automated tablet borrowing and returns, messaging, structured and targeted content viewing, wiping of temporary user data and device charging – ensuring a data secure and optimal user experience.
  • Residents may access digital content such as online newspapers, magazines, web access and streaming services, video communication, etc. – as well as any relevant information for your residents.
  • Customised content, for staff and residents, can be efficiently organised via the secure management software – Hublet Manager.
  • Hublet digital tablets creates a communication portal for your residents to connect with their loved ones through digital technologies such as Zoom, Teams, photo sharing and through music.
  • Stimulating your residents through mental and physical exercise applications has been shown to improve overall health and wellbeing and Hublet is perfectly suited for this functionality.