15 June 2021 - Melbourne

New self-service solution for tablets in health and aged care sectors with Hublet from Intelligent RFID Solutions

From 15 June 2021,, we start to expand our product portfolio with Hublet, a smart self-service solution which allows healthcare centres’ patients and visitors to borrow a tablet with automatically age-adapted applications and, at the same time, frees employees from time-consuming manual management of tablets. Knowing the potential benefits that Hublet can bring to the market, we become the exclusive distributor of Hublet Solution in Australia.

Hublet is a customised learning tool, communication device and entertainment centre in the same package. It consists of 3 parts: Hublet Tablets, Hublet Smart Docking Station and Hublet Manager.

  • Effective Hublet Tablets for shared use only work within the designated WiFi network. Users can easily access various customised digital content and e-materials provided by organisations.
  • Hublet Smart Docking Station is designed with self-service and data privacy concern. It enables automated borrowing, return registration, content update, wiping off temporary user data and charging the Hublet Tablets.
  • User-friendly cloud-based Hublet Manager – management software allows organisations customise different profiles on Hublet Tablets, ensuring appropriate content to patients and staff or for people of different age groups.

Patients and residents can easily borrow Hublet Tablets by their own, using patient wrists, health card or QR-code. The whole Hublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Station’s screen provide a safer user experience by using the self-disinfecting coating method.

Hublet Solution ensures the private of users while they access digital content such as online newspaper, e-magazines, movies, play games, etc. The big screen from Hublet Tablets helps end-users take care of their own daily affairs such training exercises easier or keep contact with their families, for example, from hospitals or senior homes.

Veronica Steinicke, CEO of Intelligent RFID Solutions, says: “The Finnish company Hublet has developed a solution that is fully in line with the increased use of tablets in our digitalised world. It is also in line with our philosophy of providing health and aged care centres a user-friendly system so that they can seamlessly offer best services to their customers. This helps users having a pleasant experience while visiting or staying at a hospiatal or aged care centres  and at the same time strengthen organisations’ image as modern, customer-oriented places. The fact that Hublet Solution is aligned with sharing economy principle is another huge advantage. Sharing devices will definitely open up new opportunities for both people and companies. With Hublet as a partner, we know that we can offer a perfect solution that is both modern, safe ,secure  flexible and convenient.”

““Our main goal is to provide equal, easy access to digital content for everyone. Hublet is suitable for use in health and aged care sectors which can  benefit patients and residents from of handling printed materials, increasing the use of digital resources, guaranteed data privacy and customisable content, which is important for enabling closer and more connected communities. The Hublet Solution is easy to manage and organise, which minimises the work of the IT department.”, said Milla Kalliokoski, Marketing Manager Hublet.

“We are incredibly pleased that Intelligent RFID Solutions, as a specialist in SaaS solutions, is now integrating Hublet into its future-oriented product portfolio. Thanks to its reputation as a solutions provider, we are convinced that Intelligent RFID Solutions is best placed to bring Hublet Health to the Australian and New Zealand market.”, Anissa Margono, International Sales Manager of Hublet, added in a comment in which she is responsible sale person in the future collaboration in Australia.

For more information about the cooperation, contact us: info@intelligentrfid.com.au

About Hublet Solution, please visit http://gethublet.com/news/


For media, please contact:

Veronica Steinicke, CEO


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