24/7 Bookdrop to circulate your library items

The Sapphire™ 24/7 Bookdrop allows patrons to return library items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With weatherproof materials and mechanism to protect against vandalism, the bookdrop can be placed inside or outside the library.

Sapphire™ 24/7 Bookdrop

Timeless design to match your library

The Sapphire™ 24/7 Bookdrop increases efficiency, productivity and service to the public.

  • Built-in RFID reader allows only library items to be returned easily via the LMS
  • Automatically turns security back on RFID tags
  • Durable and weatherproof built for Australian climate
  • Backup internal memory in case the unit is offline
  • Web-based software for remote monitoring, diagnostics and servicing

Vandalism proof

Easy to use

LMS integration

Weather proof

2 Simple Steps

To Return Library Items

1. Scan your item on RFID reader

Bookdrop chute will open only when the item is verified.

2. Drop the item

The item is automatically returned in the LMS and the chute will close.