your 24/7 library

A turnkey solution for extended access

Offering extended hours to patrons outside of normal library operating hours provides better outcomes for communities and improves learning and literacy through accessablility.

Our extended access solution includes your 24/7 library access hardware and your 24/7/ library admin software.

The solution can also be introduced throughout the community in non-typical locations such as community, leisure and shopping centres.

your 24/7 library access entry unit comes fitted with our internationally recognised and scientifically proven High Touch Antiviral/Antibacterial surface protectant film providing a COVID safe experience for your patrons.

Access Panel
your 24/7 library access
  • IP67 water and dust proof external patron entry unit
  • In-built display screen and barcode scanner
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • Access Panel allows integration with lights, speakers, cameras and security system
  • International standards CE and RCM compliant
  • Optional NFC patron entry unit allows fully contactless COVID safe entry
your 24/7 library admin
  • Remote monitoring and configuration of opening hours
  • Calendar events
  • Scheduled and live announcements
  • Library open to closed transition template
  • Cloud based platform
  • User authentication with the Library Management via SIP2 and LCF
  • PIN authentication
  • Temporary password for contractor access for out of hours