TDS Visitor Management​

Welcome visitors to your workplace with our enterprise visitor management system which provides a digital registration, check-in and check-out streamlined process for visitors.

Optimise the Workflow of Your Workplace

Make a branded impact

Leave a powerful branded impact on visitors with custom branded consumables.

Safe and secure workplace

Provide a security-first solution to ensure your staff and everyone feels safe.

Streamline processes

Optimise your end-to-end procedures with an efficient and automated approach.

Track/manage site capacity

Plan for and real-time occupancy management with capacity limitations in place.

Tailored check-in workflows

Allow custom check-in workflows per visitor type (e.g. VIP) or by location.

Screen personnel for Covid-19

Pre-screen all people entering your facility for Covid-19 pandemic concerns.

Comply with legal regulations

Health & safety, legal and data compliance including GDPR.

Scale globally with ease

Land and expand your visitor management system across all active regions.

Why Fortune 500 companies choose TDS Visitor

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Self-Service Visitor Check-In Kiosk

Providing your visitors, contractors and VIP guests with an enhanced, streamlined and contactless check-in experience with our powerful and robust TDS Visitor kiosk models.

Extensive Integrations into Existing Access Control System

TDS Visitor has the capability to seamlessly integrate into your workplace applications including your already existing access control provider across multiple locations. capability of following shelves of all shapes including curved shelves using the inbuilt sensors and radars. 

TDS Visitor Product
TDS Visitor Cloud

Detailed Reporting & Real-Time Insights

Deep real-time insights and graphical reporting into on-site visits across multiple locations from one single location meaning users can identify trends per visitor, visit type, host and/or location.

How TDS Visitor Works from Pre-Arrival to Exit

TDS Visitor Pre Arrival

Pre-Arrival (Visitor Registration)

When planning for visitors, hosts can quickly register one or many visitors using your existing infrastructure e.g. Outlook.

Visitors will receive an interactive visitor invitation to their email address, providing them with all the necessary details on how to get to your site and what to do on arrival to successfully check-in.

Arrival (Visitor Check-In)

Once a pre-registered or walk-in visitor arrives, they make their way towards the TDS Visitor kiosk to begin the sign-in process. Visitors will have been pre-screened for Covid-19 and signed your site terms & conditions before arrival.

With TDS V-Receptionist (Virtual-receptionist), visitors access assistance from a receptionist or their host via video chat at a self-service kiosk.

Following the check-in workflow, a visitor will have their image captured, sign any NDA’s required and await their host for collection and the printing of their approved visitor pass.

Exit (Visitor Check-Out)

Once a visitor has finished their visit, they will be guided to the building exit with their host or appointed member of staff towards the visitor kiosk to complete a successful sign-out process.

The visitor can simply scan the QR code provided on their visitor pass and recycle their paper pass into the kiosk before leaving the premises, successfully checking-out of the building.

TDS Visitor SE3

The next generation of digital visitor management

Virtually Assist Visitors with TDS V-Receptionist

With TDS V-Receptionist your facility can professionally manage and engage with all visitors and personnel. Using secure video technology, an individual receptionist from a single remote location can manage visitors from multiple locations. With the new TDS V-Receptionist, users can get assistance from the visitor self-service check-in screen and request for help including requesting assistance from a receptionist, contacting the host of their visit directly.

Automate Parcel Management with TDS Parcel

Your organisation can fully automate and manage the handling of daily workplace deliveries digitally through the front-of-house visitor check-in kiosk and tablets. The new Parcel Management solution powered by TDS will also aid in the implementation of social distancing by enabling a contactless parcel pick-up delivery procedure. With this feature, the scanning of parcels on delivery and on pick-up from the recipient; unnecessary physical interaction between employees, couriers, and the reception will effectively be eliminated.

TDS Parcel