TDS Visitor Management

Welcome Visitors to your workplace safely through digital registration, check in and check out.

TDS Visitor provides real-time accountability and visitor insights, integrating seamlessly into your existing workplace applications to provide a truly innovative experience and keeping your staff and visitors in a safe and secure workplace.

Key Features

Quick Register

Streamline check-in processes and reduce administrative burdens with our Quick Register portal.

  • Upload Multiple Invites
  • View Arrival Status
  • Generate Pre-Registered Lists
  • Send QR Codes for Quick Check-In

Visitor Check-In

Empower visitors to check-in with simple, self-service workflows.

  • Unique Check-In Workflows
  • Automatic Host Notifications
  • Brand-Specific NDA’s
  • Customisable Badge Designs

On-Site Reporting

Real-time graphical reporting insights help security, facilities and other departments increase their role productivity and efficiency as they accurately plan and act.

  • Visitor Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Event Management
  • Health, Safety and Legally Compliant

Visitor Capture

All TDS solution designs follow a user-centric principle of ‘focus on the user and all else will follow’. Keeping this in mind, TDS provide simple, and efficient user experiences combined with innovative, market-leading designs.

Free Standing Kiosk

This powerful, self-supporting unit allows visitors, contractors and guests to check-in, capture photos, sign NDA’s and print visitor badges without requiring receptionists assistance.  With QR code scanning functionality, this robust kiosk facilitates high volumes of rapid check-in processing.


This device provides a vital function for the modern office reception. Assisting receptionists in their day-to-day activities via Self-Register features and host notifications, receptionists can optimise performance levels by focusing on other tasks while visitors and guests engage with self-service workflows. 

Counter Mounted Kiosk

The Counter-Mounted Kiosk delivers easy-to-use, self-service visitor processing and management. With resilient and intuitive software, this touchscreen-enabled device provides visitors and guests with a solution that is optimised for high levels of visitor traffic processing.


See how TDS Visitor can help your organisation overcome challenges with our diverse range of benefits