Contactless Temperature Kiosk on arrival

Alerting staff, visitors and customers to any potential risk of fever prior to entering a building

It has been demonstrated that 83% of COVID cases had a fever, thus temperature checking on entry is a valid method of detecting a potential issue and reducing risk.

Functionally, if a high temperature reading is detected the kiosk instantly alerts the subject via the screen and advises designated staff the date and time and optionally an image of the subject for immediate action and record keeping.


Easy to deploy in any environment

Compact in design and simple to deploy. Available in freestanding, desk mounted and wall mounted


Key Features

Temperature Detection

The system is calculated with an algorithm for object heat and fast detection temperature accuracy, tolerance at +- 0.3 degree Celsius, with a refresh rate at 64Hz. Temperatures are read between 1 and 3 seconds. The on screen display message for a high temperature test can be customised.

Email Alerts

If a user provides a high temperature reading an email notification can be sent to the organization to inform them of the time, date and provide a snapshot of the user (optional).

Mask Detection

Option to provide a customised display message if a person is not wearing a mask.


Wireless Updates

Newly developed features can be updated with one click.


Option backboard for enhanced messaging.

Flexible Mounting Options

The unit can be configured to be either wall mounted, desk mounted or freestanding.

Additional Software Features

Display Signage

Play customised video and photos when no temperature measurement is being undertaken. Market your brand or products with personalised messaging.


Customise the user interface to include up to 10 questions following temperature checking to ensure COVID compliance.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Locally stored data in the TC2020 can be used to automatically identify employees or visitors for increased security.

API 3rd Party Integration

Data collected from the TC2020 can optionally be sent via API interface to third party databases or access control systems allowing full integration with existing building systems.