Antimicrobial Protection for Payment Devices

The Sanitouch two-step system for payment terminals provides greater protection in high-touch environments allowing consumers to transact with confidence.

Finger Sanitiser Pad & Antimicrobial Terminal Cover

  1. Australian designed covers and casings with scientifically proven antimicrobial additives tested and proven to breakdown harmful bacteria by up to 99.9%.

  2. Australian designed finger pad that dispenses Australian made sanitiser on to the consumer’s finger that provides an added layer of disinfection and protection.

Antimicrobial Covers

Silver & Zinc Nanotechnology

Sanitouch has harnessed the power of nano silver ion and zinc in its protectors and covers. When silver ions and zinc are built into our silicone covers, they bind to and damage the bacteria cell wall preventing growth. The bacteria no longer produce energy and the DNA is interrupted, preventing replication.

If a bacteria cell cannot grow, produce energy or replicate, it dies.

The antimicrobial cover has a 12 month life span.

  • The price of the cover is $53.64 ex GST plus postage.

Terminal Cover Range

Touch Finger Pad

Sanitising Gelpad System

The Sanitouch Finger Sanitising Gelpad delivers an even coating of alcohol based  hand sanitiser gel directly to the surface of the finger with each press. Each pad delivers up to 1000 touches.

The Touch Finger Pad attaches to the EFTPOS device via a specialised mounting bracket.

  • The price of the Gelpad (1 month supply) is $32 including GST plus postage.

Payment Terminal Kit

Desktop Kit

Antimicrobial Cover + Sanitising Gelpad + Desktop Bracket

  • The price of the kit is $118.18 ex GST plus postage.
Sanitouch Desktop-Kit

Pole Mount Kit

Antimicrobial Cover + Sanitising Gelpad + Mounting Bracket for the Pole (Pole mount not included)

  • The price of the kit is $118.18 ex GST plus postage.